Agriculture/Animal Husbandry Reserve Officer

Julong Group
Job Nature: Full Time


10,000,000- 20,000,000


0 Years Experience


Below 35 years old

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Job Description

Another benefit: fund dividends, meals and accommodation are provided, flight tickets. For those who still in 2-year working time, get 2 times vacation every year (15 days each) and for those who has 3-year above working time, get 3 times vacation every year.

Accepting Indonesian and Chinese Nationality.


job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, both recent and previous graduates are acceptable;
2. CET-4 and above are preferred;
3. Accept long-term work abroad and be able to adapt to the changing working environment;
4. Calm, down-to-earth personality, good communication and teamwork skills;
5. Priority will be given to those who have served as student union or class leaders during school;
6. For overseas work, this position only recruits boys.

Agricultural Reserve Officer Job Responsibilities
1. Assist the park manager to do a good job of agricultural technical guidance in the jurisdiction to ensure agricultural output;
2. Responsible for the monitoring of crop growth and grass condition in the park and the prevention and control of pests and diseases;
3. Responsible for the statistics and analysis of palm tree growth and various field operations data, and provide professional guidance and suggestions;
4. According to the agricultural "eight-character constitution", monitor, analyze, and predict the next year's output on related factors affecting plant health and yield.

Animal husbandry reserve Job Responsibilities
1. Cooperate with leaders to improve the establishment of the animal husbandry department;
2. Review the project and promote the work of the project.

About the Company

Julong Group Indonesia is a Chinese foreign company under Tianjin Julong Group. Our core business focuses on the palm oil industrial chain consisting of oil-crop plantation, edible oil processing, port logistics, oil and grains trade, oil and fat product R&D, brand packaged-oil promotion and oils and grains industry financial services. Julong made it first step to Indonesia in 2006 and until now we have reached Kalimantan and Sumatera. Our plantations spreaded in Central Kalimantan, South Kalimantan, North Kalimantan, West Kalimantan, and South Sumatera. Due to business growth, upcoming projects and other business objectives, we are looking for talented people who possess a passionate, enterprising spirit to help us shape the future of our business and to be part of our team.