Job Nature: Full Time


8,000,000- 15,000,000


2 Years Experience


Below 32 years old

Posted 1 month ago

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Job Description

Position: Account Receivable Supervisor

Industry: Logistic

Location: Denpasar Selatan, Bali

Salary: 8-10 million

Benefit: BPJS Kesehatan & Ketenagakerjaan

Working Hours: Monday- Friday 9AM-6PM , Saturday 9AM-1 PM


Job Requirenments:

1. Majoring in accounting.

2.More than 2-3 years of working experience as Finance Supervisor.

3. Having professional accounting knowledge, being able to handle accounts independently and correctly calculate the business of the revenue department.

4. Familiar with Accounting financial software. 5. Responsible for the audit work of the revenue department between the headquarters and the internal and external audit departments.

6.Proficiency in EXCEL and other OFFICE software.

7. Good learning ability, independent work ability and financial analysis ability. 8.Earnestness and rigour in work.

8. Male under 32 years old


Job Responsibility:

 1. Responsible for leading the company's revenue department to be responsible for the company all kinds of money statistical statements, follow up a variety of money.

2. Responsible for the financial statements of revenue department and daily accounting business.

3. Responsible for auditing accounting data of revenue department, filing, contract review, etc.

 4. Responsible for E3 query maintenance and daily operation of revenue department.

5. Training and supervision of clerks in the division

6. Complete other daily business assigned by the superior.

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