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PT Wook Global Technology is the first B2B (Business to Business) E-Commerce platform in Indonesia that sells on a large scale to master dealers and resellers as well as the VIVAN and ROBOT brand owners with its flagship products in the form of gadget, PC and lifestyle accessories. In addition, Wook is also a distributor of well-known brands such as: Pesong, Orico, Funsnap, Ezviz, Voolax, Voosalt, Syma, HiLook, Gamen, Ugreen, Tp-link, Topjet, Sooku, Fosso, Rona. PT Wook Global Technology was founded by Mr. Xu Long Hua in 2010. The presence of PT Wook Global Technology provides a distribution model solution that is more efficient, faster and improves supply chain management performance compared to conventional models. Armed with a professional R&D team, sophisticated machines, high-quality service and a strong sales team. Wook provides a more efficient service via the internet. Suppliers do not need to add marketing and sales teams, just by uploading on Wook all products can be known and purchased by all stores in Indonesia. Resellers do not need to conduct direct surveys to the market to get new products to sell at their stores. Resellers only need to find and buy the desired product category through Wook. The presence of Wook shortens the distribution chain between resellers and suppliers, so that transactions between the two parties become more effective and speed up distribution. Wook only sells the highest quality products and has a clear warranty. Wook already has 34 branches and more than 10,000 resellers throughout Indonesia and will continue to grow. Through an integrated sales and marketing team in all branches in Indonesia, products that customers buy will receive branding support that is more efficient and right on target both in ATL, BTL and Digital.


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